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 Birko Inc., which is shown as a model to the Turkish Industry, was founded by Koyunlu town’s citizens in 1972.

At the foundation phase, leading people of Koyunlu came together and decided to organize a meeting for people living in and outside of the town. Citizens agreed on to invest in a field resulting in high income and employment on the land where they were born and live. Everyone put capital in their power and helped the foundation of Birko Inc. that will change the town’s fate. In a very short time, with the efforts of town’s leading people, hundredths of small capital brought together for this investment. Contracts signed and initiatives started in 1970 on this issue gave fruit in 1972 and the company Birko Inc. (BIRKO BIRLESIK KOYUNLU’LULAR MENSUCAT TICARET VE SANAYI A.S.) symbolizing Koyunlu people is founded.

The company that has started the investments in 1972 with its own capital, continued growing by setting up a new plant every three to five years. Both via capital increases and the profit distribution; it has provided a significant gain to its investors.

The company shareholders and leaders decided to keep on their traditional handmade carpet business in a different way. They founded “Koyunlu Carpet Factory” in 1981 with their goal of improving the traditional carpet weaving; where Koyunlu town’s ladies used to weave carpets and men used to sell them on the market; on to the modern looms. Following this, NiÄŸde gained a very important investment and Koyunlu town’s people, who were selling furniture and carpet everywhere in Turkey, started selling the carpets woven in the factory in which they have shares. Koyunlu Carpet became the leading brand of machine made carpets and reached to a very high level of market share both in the domestic and export markets.

After these first steps of investments started by Koyunlu Citizens, Organized Industrial Zone was established on the steppe land between the region NiÄŸde and Bor. In a short period of time, following the production is started at these new factories, immigration decreased sharply in NiÄŸde. People who worked in Birko Inc. rose up to 1700 in a very short time.

The investment formula that contains the success story of a small town, always attracted the attention of government representatives who visited the factory and they demonstrated as the sample how small savings coming together can turn up to be a huge industrial enterprise in all respects. 

Koyunlu Carpet is a subsidiary of a BİRKO A.Ş.
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