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Rugs should be cleaned regularly. You should clean your rugs with a powerful and preferably with a brush mounted vacuum cleaner daily or twice a week depending on the usage frequency. 

Do not put heavy goods with small contact surfaces on the rugs. Whatever the goods on the rugs, change their places periodically. On the contrary, rug piles would be deformed. 

Whatever the type of the rugs, do not let contact any items at 500 centigrade or higher. 

Detergent, hard surface cleaners or substances like bleachers should not be used for rug cleaning. Such chemicals will harm rug tissue and may cause rotting of the rug. 

Liquid poured on the rug should immediately be removed using an absorbent cloth, paper towel or a vacuum cleaner and then suitable application should be carried out as described below on the stain removing guide. 

Rugs should not be washed but rubbed. Only quality shampoo should be used for rubbing. When using rug shampoo, cleaning must be only with foam according to usage instructions and in any case shampoo water should not be used. Do not forget that water itself is a dirtying substance for rugs. Rugs should be dried in a very short time after cleaning and they should never be left wet. 

Changing the place of the rug from time to time, will reduce the variation caused by usage frequency on the rug surface. 

Rugs should always be carried or kept as roll and never be folded. Storage or usage place should not be wet or humid.

The dust outcome at a certain ratio is unavoidable for cut pile rugs. This will reduce and nearly disappear in a very short time for the rugs cleaned regularly with a powerful vacuum cleaner. 

Foot prints may be seen on cut pile rugs. Their appearance will increase or decrease depending on the place the rug is used, the simplicity of the design and the brightness of the pile yarn. It is recommended darker colours and complex designs for those who do not want to see them. 

Shadow seen on the rugs is not a production originated problem. This problem is mostly seen on light coloured rugs where there are traffic variation on the rug, humidity variations and non-uniform ground. 

Changes in the colours may be seen in case the piles are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. It is possible to prevent this problem by changing the rug’s place often or using curtains during the hours of direct sunlight exposure. 

There may be slight differences on the rugs produced from different pile yarn lots. Additionally, even the design is the same; there will definitely be differences between brand new rugs and used rugs. This fact should be considered when buying a rug to be used together with an old rug. 

Light base coloured rugs get dirty easily and cleaned hardly. When choosing the rug, it is recommended to decide on the rug base colour considering the place where the rug will be used. You will see its benefits in usage. Never forget that any stain remover will never totally clear out any spot without giving harm to the good. 

If your rug has fringes, never cover them with a strap to protect them from dirt. Chemicals available on the strap may cause inevitable blots.

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